We are glad to announce CruiseAider - cruise planning site with weather routing at its best.

  • Take advantage of our sophisticated weather routing service to plan most efficient route in accordance with your preferences and boat performance.
  • Manage your boat performance figures and customize routing profiles.
  • Search destinations by name and don’t worry if the location is not exactly on water – we will find the closest navigable location if it is not too far.
  • Create multiple leg cruises to make a break on your way or if you want to go through some specific waypoint.
  • Use cruise organizer to get in touch with your crew and coordinate preparations.
  • Share interesting cruise destinations with friends via link in messages, email or social networks.

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Please do not forget – this is not a navigation program, any route must be carefully reviewed using appropriate navigation skills, official charts and weather information.
Please refer to our Terms of use before using this site.

Bon voyage!