Ultimate marine weather routing!

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This highly intelligent marine navigation aid will provide you with:
  • state of the art weather routing
  • integrated weather forecast with live & offline* modes
  • manual forecast override*
  • boat customisation, including import from external files
  • routing profile customisation, matching your own understanding of safety and comfort
  • "no go" zones*
  • weather override*
  • planning and sailing* modes with either auto or manual routing
  • multi-leg trip support with departure scheduling
  • destination searching by name or coordinates
  • day and night colour schemes
  • route & track export*

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Please note: * - those features are only available for paid subscriptions only.

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Disclaimer : Personal safety is the responsibility of each sailor. You must exercise your own independent judgment as to whether the sailing routes suggested by this application are safe for you in the context of your skills, experience and current weather conditions.
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